Clinton vs. Trump Round Two

A lot can be said about a person based on their non-verbal communication, and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are no exception.  Based on their second debate, here is my assessment…

Hillary Clinton made a concerted effort to use hand gesture to mixed results.  Their were moments where her gestures appeared muddled and indirect to me, and moments where she used gesture to much bolder and better effect.  She made much better use of the audience than Donald Trump, addressing answers directly to the questioners.

Watch Donald Trump debate with the sound off.  It’s an interesting experience.  He tends to gesture on two planes, either sawing the air back and forth, or up and down.  Their is little else in his movement vocabulary.  Additionally, he tends to pace the stage like a panther, in a rather menacing fashion.  His non-verbal communication really shouts contempt.

So Hillary is the winner here.  She uses stillness effectively, addresses questioners with direct eye contact and sincerety, and she uses hand gestures to powerful effect.  I think she comes across as presidential.

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